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MLG College of Learning, Inc

Learning Management System

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, MLGCL has adapted to the online way of delivering our educational materials to our college students through the use of LMS.

School Portal

Record-keeping has never been easy and convenient this way. All transactions and records are done online with ease, thanks to the school portal.

Monthly Activities

We stand for an educational philosophy that encourages life to be celebrated to the fullest in order to produce well-rounded individuals in all aspects of their humanity.

Scholarship grants

MLGCL was established to achieve a golden purpose and that is to help the less fortunate students in achieving their goals of becoming successful in life by offering scholarship grants  to deserving student and in partnership with the government and different other entities.

Student-friendly environment

We continuously squeeze our creative minds to come up with venues and opportunities wherein our students can express themselves in various forms and ways. Because at the end of the day, education is not just all about being able to think but to express as well

Globally competitive workforce

Aiming to produce globally competitive graduates is not a simple feat. To achieve that, one must also prove to be worthy of it. Therefore, MLGCL strived hard in making sure that its faculty & staff has what it takes to produce the type of graduates we aim.

MLGCL’s Brief History

In January of 1999 an idea of founding a school was envisioned by one is strongly inspired by a blend of Bosconian and UPian thoughts of a 25-year old Glenn Go Olo, the youngest son of Natividad Go Olo and the late Marcelino Tan Olo. Despite Glenn’s bad health and financial constraints…


College Students

High School Students

Faculty & Staff

College Courses


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Bachelor of Elementary Education


Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies


Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics

High School Offering

Junior High School

Grade 9

Home Economics
Information & Communications Technology

Grade 10

Home Econimics
Information & Communications Technology

Senior High School

Grade 11

Home Economics
Accountancy, Business & Management
Information & Communications Technology

Grade 12

Home Economics
Accountancy, Business & Management
Information & Communications Technology

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