MLG College of Learning, Inc. lives up to its motto of “Changing the World, One Student at a Time.” This is made possible not only by its dedicated and concerned Board of Trustees, staff and teachers but most of all with the support of the government in terms of financial assistance through the UNIFAST. The TES provides subsidy for students who are financially tight. It has given hope to the young ones especially those who are less privileged in terms of financial standing. Life and getting education is a continuous challenge for survival and it is said that everyone has his own life story.

To mention just one is our student who enrolled second semester of 2017-2018, who started to avail of the said financial assistance last school year. She is Kimberly Joy Facun a second year BSED Math student. When she first enrolled in the school, she had her 1 year and 6 months old baby girl with her. She is not living with her real family for personal reasons. With that very special consideration of the school directress and with the limited financial help from Dr. Erlinda Lina, one of the part time teachers of the college whom she is living with, Kimberly enrolled at MLG College of Learning tagging her child to school. Sometimes she leaves her child to the care of friends who are free or having vacant classes and oftentimes bringing her daughter to the classroom.  Now her baby girl is already 4 years old.

Last year this student among others became a recipient of TES from UNIFAST. She is only one among the many in our school who is fortunate enough to continue studying amidst crisis with the help from the government through the UNIFAST. So, all of us…from MLG College of Learning administrators and staff, we say, ‘ “Thank you UNIFAST, TES proponents and legislators, and thank you dear President Duterte”.

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