In January of 1999 an idea of founding a school was envisioned by one is strongly inspired by a blend of Bosconian and UPian thoughts of a 25-year old Glenn Go Olo, the youngest son of Natividad Go Olo and the late Marcelino Tan Olo. Despite Glenn’s bad health and financial constraints he had the strong conviction that those hindering factors could not stop him to pursue his noble desire of establishing a school. On June 27, 2000 he finally founded and assumed as Director of MLG Institute of Learning upon issuance of Provincial Cert. of TVET Program Registration No. 007 Series 1999, a 2-year Course in Computer Technology granted by TESDA. The board of trustees were composed of Mr. Marcelino Tan Olo, Mrs. Natividad Go Olo, Glenn G. Olo, Giovanni G. Olo, Mary Lilibeth O. Yan, Ronald A, Yan and Baby Elisa M. Olo. The name MLG stands for the initials of a grandfather who was a civil servant of Hilongos, Montano Lamberte Go.

The school first offered a 6-month modular class on PC operations with 23 students using a rented two-storey house at RV Villaflores St. Hilongos, Leyte. By SY 2000-2001, the school offered a 2-year course on Computer Programming and Computer Hardware Servicing approved by TESDA. In this same year the school obtained permit from DepEd for the opening of first year secondary education with free tuition fees and was consequently followed years after for the succeeding year levels with enrollees coming from the poorest of the poor families of Atabay and nearby barangays. The school looked for benevolent benefactors and resources to provide for teachers’ meager salary. Since there was a need for a bigger space to accommodate an increasing number of students, MLG Institute of Learning acquired a lot at Barangay Atabay, Hilongos, Leyte executed with a Deed of Absolute Sale for some monetary consideration by a close family relative named Epifania Dayondon. To facilitate expansion of classes and increased enrolment a 2-classroom building was constructed at the new school site. It was in this name year that DBP offered a 3 million soft loan which was inaugurated and blessed in June of 2001.

All through those years the school, the secondary and college classes with sacrifices and perseverance manifested through multi-tasking, subsidizing and volunteerism through which to a certain level the daily expenses were minimized. Through persistent fund raising and submission of project proposals, budget and increase of facilities were supplemented. Multi-tasking means teachers teaching one field of specialization has to teach other disciplines and even handle non-academic assignments such as an IT head assigned to manage the drum and bugle corps. Subsidizing means to cut costs or provide for educational expenses through grants, donations volunteered to share their talents in any form for the success of the school undertakings. This was mostly done by friends and kin of Glenn Olo and family and by those who really possessed extraordinary forms of generosity.

The school was granted by DepEd a formal recognition to operate as a Secondary School by virtue of Government Recognition Number 003, s. 2004 dated January 19, 2004. It was also in this school year that the first secondary school graduation rite was held. It was during such an occasion that a high ranking DepEd official in the person of Dr. Catalina Petilos offered to assist the school in availing ESC (Education Service Contacting Scheme) a financial assistance for free tuition fees of students under the FAPE (Fund Assistance for Private Education) Program of DepEd.

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted Government Recognition No. 02, s. 2005 for MLG College of Learning to offer a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) effective 2004-2005. In this same year the school availed a grant of 5,800 euro from ABILIS Foundation in Finland, for the education of 100 people, 30 of which were persons with disabilities. Part of the fund was for the establishment of a permanent office space for persons with disabilities in Hilongos (ADAP-Hilongos). This grant strengthened and sustained the ICDS (International Cooperation for Development Studies) a school scholarship project which made the school won an honourable mention award called, “Make a Better World Awards in 2006”

Presented by American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) on Aug 10-22, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. ICDS was initiated by Glenn Olo, the school director, Mr. Rodney Glover, a British national teaching Physics and Mathematics and other subjects in the college, and Prof. Dolores Figuration, former management level executive of Land Bank of the Philippines. They search for deserving high school graduates from barangay highschools giving them free tech-Voc education in the field of computer programming and computer technology. ICDS beneficiaries were provided free education with the arrangement that the students have RIDE ON a regular class maximizing the teachings of the regularly paid instructors and professors. They are similar to SIT-INs but are given grades just like their regularly paying classmates and ultimately the needed diploma, TOR and SO number from TESDA or CHED upon completion. The more regularly paying transferees enrolled at the MLG CL, the more slots to the non-paying students were opened with the ICDS. For years the ICDS has sustained the free education at MLG College of Learning. Based on official records as of 2006, ICDS has made 360 graduates who availed of free college education.

In 2005 right at the hospital where Glenn Olo was confined due to brain mass surgery, the Direct Acid Program (DAP) grant worth Php250,000 from the Australian Embassy was personally delivered to him. The grant was for the construction of additional classrooms in exchange for free college education under the ICDS initiatives.

Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) focused in  Computer Education was offered by MLG CL by SY 2006-2007 with Government Recognition No. 15, s. 2007 dated June 15, 2007 as its legal basis. Throughout the years of Glenn Olo’s assumption as Director, he made sure that school activities would enable the less privileged and underserved students to experience and participate in various socio-cultural activities like staging drama, participating writing contests, discos for a cause and a lot of outreach programs and activities to develop the students’ civic and aesthetic sense and a feeling of self-fulfilment. After Glenn Olo’s death in February 2008 more challenges were jointly surmounted by the Board of Trustees and Giovanni G. Olo, the new director followed by Mary Lilibeth O. Yan.

Effective 2008-2009 MLG College of Learning offered Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BEED) as recognized by CHED through Government Recognition No. 4, s. Of 2009 dated April 16, 2009. On August 13, 2015 DepEd issued Government Permit No. 014, s. 2015 allowing the school to open a Senior High School offering academic Track ABM and HUMMS and TVL-ICT (Computer Programming) and HE (Housekeeping) effective 2016-2017. In College Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) is offered this school year 2018-2019 with Mathematics and Social Studies as fields of specialization.

As a reputable institution since then and until today MLG College of Learning continues to make history. It has a fully accredited Junior High School Program with free tuition fees under FAPE and a fully accredited degree program under CHED with students enjoying various fund assistance and scholarships from government and non-government sectors. Only transferees from other schools are considered paying students. Recently MLG id one of the 8 private schools in Region VIII to avail of UNIFAST (United Assistance for Students) under RA10931, Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act wherein qualified college students are to enjoy P60,000.00 annual subsidy to finance tuition and other school fees (TOSF).

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